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Bandwidth, Zendesk, and Kipsu will Speak on Texting as The New Preferred Channel for Top-Notch Customer Experiences

June 05, 2017

Upcoming webinar promises new insights for customer-focused product, development, and operations teams


Attendees to Wednesday’s webinar will learn:

    • Why customer-focused businesses shouldn’t wait to add SMS to their customer experience
    • How texting and calling work together to support omni-channel experiences
    • When to use bots, live agents, or both for text-enabled support
    • Recent industry changes and product launches shaping consumer adaptation of business texting

“Calling a business is simple— everyone has a phone number,” said Bandwidth VP of Product, Jason Sommerset. “Why isn’t it just as simple to pick up a phone and fire off a quick text to any given business line?” Bandwidth’s webinar seeks to answer that question, and a few more. “By incorporating SMS into a customer service strategy, you’re appealing to the technology that most consumers actually prefer. We want to show today’s businesses how to incorporate texting in a smart, scalable way,” said Sommerset.

Jason is joined by customer experience thought leaders Ryan Nichols from Zendesk, and Chris Sele from Kipsu. Nichols, the General Manager for Zendesk’s Talk product, will show how easy Zendesk has made it for companies to support their customers via text message, and the benefits that result from adding text to an omnichannel support strategy. Sele, VP of Business Development for Kipsu’s hospitality-focused messaging platform will speak to the different messaging channels available, and how his team has intelligently incorporated several together.

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