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Bandwidth revolutionizes the phone number porting experience (again) with new enhancements

September 12, 2019
Enterprise IT, VoIP innovators, and product owners alike will enjoy a simplified experience, and reduced platform migration time

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterprise CPaaS company Bandwidth today announced new enhancements to their market-leading phone number porting experience. The enhancements stand to revolutionize the  process of moving phone numbers from carrier to carrier, speeding time to market for its 1,400+ enterprise customers and significantly reducing support tickets in the process.


Bandwidth's communications platform serves a varied audience, which includes software platform owners, VoIP professionals, and enterprise IT specialists - all of whom will uniquely benefit from the revamped porting experience.

  • Software product owners will be able to seamlessly integrate with Bandwidth's porting API, allowing their customers to programmatically submit up to 20,000 numbers on-demand to Bandwidth's platform as they get up and running.
  • VoIP innovators who choose Bandwidth for their core network capabilities will be able to check portability for tens of thousands of numbers at once and coordinate port dates and times from multiple carriers, instead of individually project managing each one.
  • The updates will ease migration frustrations for enterprise IT professionals who may be migrating SIP services to a cloud communications platform. Porting pains are often the largest hassle and biggest time commitment in these migrations. Bandwidth's updates will give them complete control of the porting process, allowing them to migrate individual offices, departments, or entire campuses with ease and predictability.

"Porting phone numbers is a critical part of the onboarding experience for many of our customers," said Rob Scheible, Bandwidth's Sr Director of Product Management for its Platform and Phone Numbers portfolio. "We've been removing hurdles from the porting process for over a decade, and we're especially excited to see how quickly our customers will be able to move now - whether they're bringing on thousands of new customers or migrating their own offices to a new cloud platform."

Some of Bandwidth's customers, like Tamara Foster and Bethanie King from LogMeIn are porting phone numbers everyday as they bring in new customers to their platform. The new porting experience is especially helpful for these "power-porters," increasing the amount of numbers customers can submit in one single order, reducing rejected ports, and putting more control directly in their hands. "We've used five different providers to obtain phone numbers, and Bandwidth's porting experience is heads and shoulders above the rest," said Foster. "The combination of features, API functionality, and especially their commitment to the overall experience makes them a true partner to us. No one else in the industry is innovating in this area like they are."


Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) is a software company focused on communications for the enterprise. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and RingCentral use Bandwidth's APIs to easily embed voice, messaging and 9-1-1 access into software and applications. Bandwidth is the first and only CPaaS provider offering a robust selection of communications APIs built around their own nationwide IP voice network – one of the largest in the nation. More information available at

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