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Bandwidth Releases New Full-Featured Group Texting API

March 30, 2017

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “reply all” with a new HTTP REST API that features MMS group texting, Bandwidth’s Messaging API allows unlimited new possibilities for texting applications


Bandwidth, the business-grade CPaaS provider, today announced the release of its enhanced Messaging API. The upgraded API suite now includes a unique group texting feature, enabling customers to easily add media-rich group texts to their products via MMS.

Unlike other solutions that require a specific application to enable group texting, Bandwidth’s API allows developers to initiate group chats directly from either an application or within a mobile device’s native messaging application. The API is fully featured to accommodate both group and single-recipient messages so developers only need to use one REST API to create a robust messaging experience, a differentiator in today’s CPaaS market. Additional features are built in to effectively track exact status of the message for each recipient in a group text while accommodating scalability and performance needs. The end result—developers have a simpler and more productive approach to adding group texting features for their collaborative applications.

“Our mission is to help our customers unlock the power of communications,” said Bandwidth COO Steve Leonard. “Group texting is a powerful feature that will be particularly appealing to all of our enterprise communications and collaboration customers, who are continually looking for ways to innovate and improve their end user experience.”

“Bandwidth’s group texting API opens up a variety of new use cases to the market, providing exciting opportunities for enterprise collaboration, customer engagement, and consumer messaging applications,” says Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “The new service further strengthens Bandwidth as a leading messaging provider, with a robust two-way messaging API and the features that users expect from traditional texting available in a single enterprise-grade API.”

“Brands like Google, Skype, and RingCentral rely on Bandwidth for communications services because of our unique combination of business-grade APIs, vertical network integration, and industry leading support,” Leonard added. “We’ll continue to look for opportunities to help them provide a better end-user experience with releases like our group texting API.”

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